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Complete your manuscript in 9 months or less. 




15 years of

professional writing


Motivation, accountability, encouragement

You have transformational wisdom to share with the world.

To crystallize your message, widen your ripples of impact, and help build your legacy

is my pleasure. 

Let's bring your book to life together.

Peggy was my writing partner for my Amazon bestseller and I can say with full confidence that there wouldn't even be a book without her. Her knowledge, experience, and support are invaluable. But what was even more impactful was her ability to listen, understand, and capture what was most important to me. She was my partner, but it is my book... isn't that what every author wants from a writing coach and partner?! I highly recommend Peggy, and am forever grateful for the part she played, from beginning to end, in birthing my book!

Nicole Kalil

—Nicole Kalil, speaker, coach, confidence sherpa, and all-around badass

Author of Validation Is For Parking: How Women Can Beat the Confidence Con

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O Brother Where Art Thou - He's Bonafide

Let's get you bonafide, fam.

Full manuscripts

starting at


(I offer HUGE discounts of up to $15k.

Yes, you can get $15k off!

Check out my FAQs here for details.)

  • Free 30-minute Discovery Call

  • One-on-one book coaching support

  • Publishing strategy advice

  • Concept development & positioning

  • Title & subtitle development

  • Narrative structuring

  • 10 content interview calls

  • 10 revisions calls 

  • 3 rounds of collaborative editing

  • 1 round of third-party proofreading

  • Completed manuscript (50k words)

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If you need help getting your professional expertise and experience into a

well-written format, I highly recommend Peggy. She has been an excellent guide

to me in bringing my #1 Amazon bestseller, Connect, Inspire, Grow, to life. She is an expert in book writing techniques, from setting up a clear North Star document and creating a table of contents to ensuring the entire book flows from chapter to chapter. In addition to her writing and coaching skills, she is a great project manager and a wonderful person; she is reliable, never misses a deadline, and her upbeat character made our collaboration smooth, effective, and so much fun.

Liesbeth van der Linden

—Liesbeth van der Linden, global executive coach

Author of Connect, Inspire, Grow: The Executive's Framework for the First 100 Days

Read a free sample on Amazon.

"How should

I get started?"

"How can I

organize my content?"

"Do I need perfect grammar skills to publish this thing?"

"What if haters yell at me on the internet?"

"Do I have enough content for a whole book?"

"How vulnerable is too vulnerable?"

"How can I align my manuscript with my brand?"

"Which publishing route should I take?"

"Can a ghostwriter

really capture my voice?

(What is my voice?)"

"What's a

developmental edit?"

"Which ideas should I include and which should I cut?"

"How will I ever

stay motivated?!"

"What's the best way to structure my chapters?"

Let's be honest:

Writing a book is one of the hardest things you'll ever do.

It's a long-term journey riddled with uncertainty that will demand your utmost

courage, commitment, and creativity.

Don't let fear, isolation, and overwhelm defeat you!

If you're an inspired, benevolent change-maker with expertise in your field,

this wayward world needs your book, and there's no need to write it alone.

O Brother Where Art Thou - Clooney Bonafide

Peggy is one of the best book coaches with whom I've had the privilege of

working. The incredible compassion and care she brings to each of her author relationships helps both her and her authors get to the core of their best ideas. Peggy considers each project's needs and goals deeply, and brings order to chaos with book structures that help authors express their mission and help readers integrate the teachings in their lives. An engaging writer and sharp editor, Peggy delivers nothing less than excellence to her authors, and she's helped more than one author who felt lost on the book journey find their way and their words again. As a creative collaborator, Peggy doesn't just care about the books she creates, but also the people she serves.

Emily Gindlesparger

—Emily Gindlesparger, cherished mentor, ghostwriter, book coach, and author

"Who's this 'Peggy' of whom they speak?"

Ghostwriter Peggy

She is I, a spunky California gal with over 15 years of professional writing experience and countless adventures under her belt.

My writing career began in 2009 in Osaka, Japan. Since then, I've helped influential authors from around the globe bring their book dreams to fruition.


An ideal author-ghostwriter relationship is all about chemistry, collaboration, trust, and shared goals.

Read more about my background and areas of specialty to see if we might be right for each other. 

Professional Affiliations

We are better together.

Association of Ghostwriters
Independent Book Publishers Association
Media Alchemy Guild
Norcal Publishers & Authors

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