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The Process

The Process

The Process


Bestselling Ghostwriter, Book Coach, and Editor

Proud Member of the Association of Ghostwriters, Independent Book Publishers Association, Northern California Publishers & Authors, and Media Alchemy Guild

Ghostwriter Peggy

I grew up in the Bay Area and never planned on being a writer. I wanted to be an actress, astronaut, linguist, teacher... anything but sitting in front of a screen all day.


My curiosity about the world led me overseas after college to Osaka, where I ended up getting my first writing job in 2009. There, I wrote textbooks, audio scripts, and other educational materials for Japanese students of English. I also did voiceovers and starred in a groovy podcast. Suddenly, writing felt fun.


While I loved the international education sphere, I began craving expansion in my career. I wanted to write for other audiences about a wider variety of topics. My journey took me to Thailand next, where I lived for

a year and a half while developing my portfolio. 

Peggy is a gifted, intuitive ghostwriter & book coach. Her deep self-awareness

and professional integrity ensure that she only accepts a project she deeply

believes in. If she's on your team, you've got a steadfast creative partner. Peggy meticulously provides updates to all stakeholders & suggests solutions that intuitively solve a given client’s fears about the book-writing process. I highly recommend Peggy for all work, particularly for thought leadership, memoir, or pop psychology nonfiction.

Rose Friel

—Rose Friel, publishing matchmaker and owner at Forward Literary Consulting 

It was 2015 by then. I was getting certified to teach yoga on Koh Samui and navigating the freelance writer lifestyle... poorly. Struggling to make ends meet, I took on every gig I could land in exchange for whatever the client could pay. It wasn't much, but I was determined to keep my writing career afloat.


Over time, this gumption mixed with desperation helped me learn the tricks of the trade. I wrote ebooks, blog posts, marketing copy, online courses, product reviews, scripts, and short stories. I connected with readers over topics like spirituality, art, travel, luxury real estate, psychology, culture, relationships, and sex. I was still broke, but the world was my oyster and the opportunities delivered to me by the universe became increasingly more interesting.


It was around that time that I came across a quote that would go on to change my career.

"We’re not even in the same year together, let alone the same room... except we are together. We’re close. We’re having a meeting of the minds.


We’ve engaged in an act of telepathy.


No mythy-mountain shit; real telepathy. I’m not going to belabor the point, but before we go any further you have to understand that I’m not trying to be cute; there is a point to be made. You can approach the act of writing with nervousness, excitement, hopefulness, or even despair—the sense that you can never completely put on the page what’s in your mind and heart. You can come to the act with your fists clenched and your eyes narrowed, ready to kick ass and take down names. You can come to it because you want a girl to marry you or because you want to change the world. Come to it any way but lightly.

Let me say it again: you must not come lightly to the blank page."

—Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Before that point, I'd been a decent writer. I was creative and technically proficient. Yet still, I was flowery, striving to sound clever and impress people. King's quote set off the realization that great writing comes down to intellectual and emotional intimacy. Through our words, we connect telepathically, crafting images and feelings that bring readers into the moment with us and stick them in our shoes. It's about reaching through the lonely void to grab the attention of another conscious being and invite them into our raw experience with full transparency.


"See me! Hear me! Share this feeling! Witness my truth with me!"

How terrifying, vulnerable, and brave.

Peggy's empathy and natural curiosity, coupled with her impeccable written

skills, make her an outstanding ghostwriter. She deeply cares about her authors

and seeks to manifest their ideas with excellence. Peggy pours her heart into her work and inspires enormous confidence in the authors she works with. She's also a delightful, warm, life-giving presence to all who know her.

Greta Myers

—Greta Myers, brilliant mentor, bestselling ghostwriter, and owner of Alight Writing

After a decade of living abroad and several spiritual awakenings, I moved back to California to return to my roots. By the end of 2020, I was searching for work once more, having lost half my freelance clients when the pandemic slapped us all upside the head with existential uncertainty. I came across a post one day for a ghostwriting job at Scribe Media, former superstar firm of the hybrid publishing realm, and was lucky enough to make it through the interview process.

At Scribe, I collaborated on non-fiction books with authors writing in a range of genres, from business to memoir to personal development. There was something so deeply magical about helping inspired people bring their stories to the world. Ghostwriting was (and still is) an ongoing soul masterclass in compassion, communication, and telepathic excellence.

In spring of 2023, Scribe Media hit hard times and abruptly laid me off one day, along with over 90 of my incredible coworkers. From there, I went rogue and founded Bonafide Ink, where I continue to collaborate with non-fiction authors working hard to create benevolent change. I'm still blessed to be in contact with my ex-colleagues from Scribe and an ever widening pool of publishing professionals. I'm a proud member of several communities for ghostwriters and their authors, including the Association of Ghostwriters, Media Alchemy Guild, Independent Book Publisher's Association, Northern California Publishers & Authors, and the Rising Authors collective. Without a doubt, this is my dream job, and I'm thrilled for the opportunity to help authors accomplish their dreams in return.  

I was fortunate to be on Peggy's team for a few months at Scribe Media.

In that short time, a few things became immediately obvious: 

1, She has a profound way of sharing knowledge that improves the skills of her team members.
2. She has an inherent ability to draw tough emotions from her clients to produce compelling and engaging content. 
3. She brings a thoughtful, positive, and collaborative approach to all interactions with colleagues and clients.

Whoever is lucky enough to add her to their team will be getting a wonderful human to represent their mission and values. I am 100% confident in giving Peggy my highest recommendation as a writer, and sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with her again someday.

David Cassie

—David Cassie, talented colleague, ghostwriter, and book coach

Specialized Knowledge

While I'm open to covering many topics, I resonate most in these genres.


Meditation, yoga, breathwork, energy work, religion, reincarnation, and all manner of scrumptious woo



Complex trauma, somatic healing, subconscious rewiring, neuroscience 101, personal development

Sex & Relationships

Attachment systems, kink & fetishism, ethical non-monogamy, dating culture, sex education


Travel, international affairs, Japan, Thailand, foreign languages, linguistics, world history


Entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, startup culture, business coaching, wealth empowerment

Women's Issues

Feminism, women's rights, female empowerment, divine feminine alchemy, and all things girl boss

The Occult

Tarot, witchcraft, magic, psychic abilities, supernatural forces, secret societies

O Brother Where Art Thou - Baptism
Ghostwriter Peggy

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